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The invisible & discreet bike GPS tracker!

Designed for cyclists who want to locate and enhance the surveillance of their bike remotely to better protect it from theft.

Developed in-house by the HOOT technical team, this GPS bike tracker has a motion detector and an international coverage. Compatible with all bikes (electric or not), it is installed in the fork steerer.

Compatible with carbon or aluminium fork with standard diameter 1’1/8.

5 years of GSM subscription included then 3€/month including taxes – international coverage.

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Detects motion and vibration
and alerts you on smartphone.

Detects movements and vibrations in case of theft and alerts you on your smartphone in 40 seconds. Discreet, it hides in the fork and offers a autonomy of several weeks depending on the use. Reliability of location thanks to the use of GSM & GPS networks.
Weight : 63 g
Water Resistant 
Running Time: 1 to 2 months

comment protéger mon vélo électrique

The Hoot Bike HOOT 500 tracker is easy: 5 minutes needed to insert it into the fork of the bike and just a few clicks to connect the tracker to its Hoot Bike Tracker app. To go further, a tutorial mode in the application will help you with the first use. You can activate it at any time if needed.


The Hoot Bike HOOT 500 GPS Tracker is hidden in the fork of the bike (installed from the top or bottom). Invisible, it does not distort by the aesthetics of the bike. Out of sight & unbeatable without its specific tools delivered with the product, it is a precious ally to find back your bike in case of theft.


The hoot tracker GPS 500 is equipped with an intense tracking mode. By triggering it on the app, the HOOT 500 will go on full alert! This will allow you to follow your bike intensively. Every minute you would be informed of his position: the best way to find it. A button is also available to alert the authorities.


The HOOT 500 bike tracker is equipped with an accelerometer and gyrometer to capture any movement of the bike on which it is installed. To avoid notifications at any time when using your bike, a bluetooth antenna allows your bike tracker to recognize you. If it doesn’t identify you on the bike as it moves, the HOOT GPS tracker “wakes up” and instantly informs you on the app.


The HOOT 500 is the only BIKE tracker that combines GPS & GSM technology. Thanks to its integrated GPS antenna & e-sim card, it combines GPS points & communication with Gsm relay antennas. This is called triangulation. The most advanced geolocation technology on the market while maintaining an antonomy of up to 2 months depending on the level of use.


The HOOT 500 is compatible with all road bikes, mountain bikes, city bikes and e-bikes with carbon or aluminium forks. Thanks to its mounting tools, it has been designed to be inserted into the fork from the top or from the bottom depending on the type of stem. (mounting systems included) The HOOT 500 anti-theft tracker will take the place of the expander in your bike. An optional Expander mounting kit for carbon pivot forks is available.


Dimension : 30x20x13
Weight : 63 g
Water Resistant : IP66
Battery : Lithium 850mAh
Material :  Aluminium 6082 & anodized type 3


The Hoot 500 can be mounted from the top or bottom depending on the type of bike. Compatible forks: 1"1/8, 1"1/4, 1"1/2. Do you have a question? Visit our support site


*The Hoot 500 works with the HOOT GPS TRACKER application. This requires a subscription in order to use all the functions of the Hoot 500 tracker.

How it Works

Our Goal is to make your life safer and not worried about your bike safety.
We are here to help you get your HOOT and install it quickly.

Buy a Hoot Bike Tracker

Visit our shop or find a partner in the list of stores to order.

Install in on Your Bike

Installation of the HOOT Tracer takes only a few minutes. All necessary tools are provided in the box.

Pair your Smartphone

As soon as the Hoot Bike Tracker is installed you just have to download the App, and pair your smartphone with the tracker. Done ? Enjoy!

All trackers include:

We provide the necessary equipment to install your tracker.

1 Complete Tracker
tools and guidelines
Activated SIM card
Sim subscription
Tutorial videos
Technical support

The Best Tracker comes
with the simplest of applications

An intuitive application developed by our HOOT team, compatible with iOs and Androïd.



Designed for casual users, in standard mode, the hoot will have the role of a gps and track the bike at each use regardless of its user . It will therefore search for position signals and send them to the application for all movements.


Designed for regular users, or for those who do not wish to be permanently notified. Paired in Bluetooth with its user’s phone, it is able to detect and recognize him. When the user rides with the bike: the HOOT 500 tracker will stay in sleep mode, do not send notifications as for him the situation will be normal. At the slightest movement without its owner around the bike it will «wake up» and it will instantly alert the user of the bike that it is moving. That’s when he’ll activate the geolocation points. This mode increases battery life.



The HOOT tracker will send more and more spaced notifications depending on the practice time. A tracking developed by the Hoot team to optimize the battery time and the safety of the bike.


The tracker is customizable. The user determines the recurrence of notifications according to his needs. Saves battery power


In case of theft, the tracker switches to emergency settings. Position notifications are sent every minute and bike tracking is intensive. At the slightest movement without its owner around the bike it will «wake up» and it will instantly alert the user of the bike that it is moving. That’s when he’ll activate the geolocation points. This mode increases battery life.

Customer Service

The HOOT Tracer is simple to install by a professional and the mobile app has been designed to be as easy to use as possible. All our documentation is available on our site: FAQ, videos, PDF tutorials, documents, support center, etc. If you still need help, we will do our best to help you.

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Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 13 cm


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