So much more
than a bike    tracker

The Smartest Bike Tracker - Ever.

Created and produced in France by Tech and Cycling Experts

Worldwide GSM & GPS

Integrated eSim with GSM worldwide coverage paired with GPS ultra precise position antenna is the best way to locate & protect your bike.

Alerted in 40 seconds

Hoot Bike Trackers are smart and fast, as soon as attempt is detected, alert is received on your apps in 40s, and GPS points in less than 2 minutes.

Battery Up to 60 days

Our tech team did miracles to avoid you to recharge your tracker too often. Ride 6h a week and enjoy it for more than 60 days. You will receive alerts don't worry.

Theft Attempt Detection

Our target is to alert you at the very first second of a theft attempt by detection vibration and movement. We use integrated gyro and accelerometer.

99% of Bike Compatibles

With our 3 models of Hoot Bike Trackers we cover almost all types of bikes, road, mtb, urbain, ebike, foldable bikes. Check the compatibility in trackers tech pages.

Autonomous Protection

Hoot Bike Trackers are smart, they detect if you are riding and who is riding. You'll only receive needed alert on your app. No boring manual action required.

Interested to protect your bike? your bikeshop?

Movement Detection​

Detect a thief attempt from the first second is the goal of our Bike Trackers. Hoot detects a simple vibration.

Built in GPS / GSM

Hoot Bike Trackers uses GPS international network and GSM to alert you wherever you are in a few seconds.

Smart Protection 24/7

Hoot Bike Trackers has been developed by cyclists for bike users. Your bike is protected without any action required.

Compatible with 90% of Bikes

Millions of bikes compatible, ebike, road bike, mtb, triathlon, cargo bike… protect your bike, now.

Interested to protect your bike? your bikeshop?