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The latest GSM and GPS

2 years of Development to Provide you the Smartest Anti-Theft Functions


Movement Detector

Hoot Trackers have ultra sensible accelerometer and gyroscope sensors. A Hoot Tracker will detect the smallest theft attempt, movement or vibration.


Mobile Hoot Tracker app

The Hoot Tracker apps developped by our own team is dedicated to Bike Tracking. You wil be able to accurately track your bike in case of theft. Available for iOs and Android. Available on iOS and Android


Multi Authorized Users

Register authorized users so your Hoot Trackers can recognize who is moving the bike and not disturb you. How we can do that? We use bluetooth of their phones. Smart , right?


Security Tools Provided

Hoot Trackers can only be assembled or secured with specific tools provided. Nothing is unopenable but it gives the run-around and alert is sent at the first vibration.


International GSM Network

Hoot Tracker use the GSM Network which is the best coverage, and are workable in more than 100 countries though our partner 1NCE provider. Detailed coverage here.


Bike Jacking

Hoot Trackers can recognize a Bike Jacking, means if your bike is stolen during your ride, when you are just around but not close enough to prevent a theft, like at coffee break.


Notifications en Temps Réel

Grâce à notre application mobile HOOT, vous recevez des alertes sur votre smartphone, détection de mouvements, l’alerte batterie et tout ce dont vous avez besoin.


Complete History and more

Apps as multiple functions, history by day, positions, multiple bike tracking, GSM or GPS position, bike documents and picture storage, real time location in case of theft , police link...

A Concentrate of Technologies

GSM, GPS, integrated antennas, accelerometer, gyroscope, custom shape battery, in a finger size smart device. Hoot Bike Trackers detect vibration or movement, identify through Bluetooth if the environment is safe and send you alert immediately to your smartphone.We spent 2 years to develop the smartest Bike Tracker ever And we are proud to produce it in France.

Ultra Modern

The free Hoot Trackerapp enables you to receive you real time notifications in case of movement, or a reminder to recharge the battery. In case of theft the Fast Track mode sends you 1 position every minute to optimize the recovery of the bike. App is available in French and English for now.Available in Apple and Android.

How it Works

Our Goal is to make your life safer and not worried about your bike safety.
We’ll assist you to get a Hoot Bike Tracker to Install it in a few minutes.

Buy a Hoot Bike Tracker

Choose your preferred model of Hoot Bike Tracker, buy it in a bike shop or online. Contact our distributor if you can't find it.

Install in on Your Bike

Install takes few minutes. All tools are provided in the Tracker Box. Don't hesitate to ask the Bike Shop to assita you.

Pair your Smartphone

As soon as the Hoot Bike Tracker is installed you just have to download the App, and pair your smartphone with the tracker. Done ? Enjoy!

Manage Everything
in our Hoot Tracker Free App

Our goal was to make it as simple as possible. Receive notifications, check the history, protect your bike with only one finger. Ready to Protect your Bike?

Un Service Client aux petits soins

Les Traceurs GPS HOOT BIKE sont simples à installer et à utiliser. Notre site support vous propose toute la documentation nécessaire à la bonne utilisation de votre traceur Hoot : FAQ, conseils, vidéos tutorielles… Notre équipe est également disponible & à votre écoute pour vous aider.


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