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Frequently Asked Questions about our Tracker

We’ve compiled a list of answers to common questions. Fir the support below you can find the support link, or you can use the chat widget.

A GPS tracker is an object connected to the network, in our case GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) and the GPS (satellite) network and which receives the location information from a satellite through a receiver. It then transmits them via a GSM transmitter. The received satellite positions are communicated to a server which then returns them to a world map on your computer or mobile via an application.

The HOOT Bike Tracker is compatible with electric, muscular, road, urban, mountain bikes with an Aluminum or Carbon fork diameter 1’1/8, with a headset stem. An adapter kit is sold separately for 1 ” 1/4 and 1 ” 1/2 diameter forks.

Careful : Not compatible with forks equipped with diver. 

The HOOT Bike GPS Tracker is a specific expander designed to fit into the bike’s fork for maximum discretion. Any other location of the tracker in the frame of the bike isn’t guaranteed. It doesn’t alter the structure of the frame under any circumstances.

New products are coming in 2021.

Our technical team has worked miracles to prevent you from recharging your HOOT Bike Tracker too often.

The autonomy depends on your use (x hours/week), the type of travel (short or long) and the quality of the network (for example in white zone or low coverage the tracer will spend more energy to capture the network).

– In “Expert” mode the autonomy is about 2 months for 5h/week (45 min per day then 2h on weekends).

– In “Standard” mode it will be about 1 month.

Try to keep your tracer loaded because in case of theft the ideal is to have substantial autonomy so that the competent authorities can recover it.

If your bike is in an area covered by the network, in case of movement of the bike its GPS position will have an accuracy of 0mi 5.468066yd. If your bike is in an area where the GPS signal is weak (building, basement, tunnel, etc.), GPS data may be less accurate or inaccessible. In this case, the mobile app will display a calculated location using the position of the nearest mobile network towers. The HOOT Bike Tracker is equipped with a “Theft” mode that increases the frequency of GPS positions for more accurate detection in the event of theft.

Yes, as your Ifork Hoot bike tracker is communicating via esim with its dedicated app HOOT TRACKER, a sibscription is mandatory. 

First year is included in product price. 

Then, rates are : 

 €3/month or €36 per year with a subscription of 2 years or €39 for 1 year.






We currently use GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications), which is the one used by your phone, 2G, 3G or 4G. As well as the GPS network for positions. We don’t use LoRa or SIgFox networks because their coverage is partial in France and almost non-existent in France. The GSM is quite more energy consuming but available worldwide with very restricted white areas. Moreover it’s a technology mastered and that will evolve with the 5G. At HOOT we bet that LoRa and SigFox will disappear with the arrival of the 5G and Ltem.

The HOOT Bike GPS Tracker is equipped with a multi-network 2G (GPRS) e-sim card that maintains your roaming even in case of a change of country. Your multi-network e-sim card allows you to connect to several telephone operators, allowing coverage of 99% in more than 100 countries covered by the international GPS and GSM network (see website).

Here you will find all the information on how to handle the plotter and the mounting tools :

– 1 HOOT GPS Bike Tracker

– 1 external battery and its micro USB charging cable

– 1 HOOT cap to protect your tracer

– 1 set of specific clamping tools;

– 1 HOOT sticker

– 1 installation instruction with HOOT Bike Tracer IMEI code

Careful : Make sure to keep the installation manual as it contains the identification code of your HOOT Bike GPS Tracker.

Toggle ContentHOOT Bike Tracker has a battery life of several weeks to several months depending on the mode of use chosen. It’s charged with a mini USB port (Powerbank HOOT available), you can also connect it to your computer or mains via a phone charger, max 2A.
It operates in more than 100 countries (international roaming included). It has a GSM network antenna, a GPS antenna to receive satellite signals and a virtual SIM card integrated to communicate with our geolocation servers, it doesn’t need your phone to communicate.

The HOOT Tracker iOS and Android app is free, you need a compatible smartphone to use your tracker.
It’s compatible with an Aluminum or Carbon fork. It comes with a secure mounting key that is modified every 10.000 pieces.

The HOOT Bike Tracker is equipped with a “Fast Track” mode that increases the frequency of GPS positions for more accurate detection in case of theft in order to allow the competent authorities to find your property.

Yes you can manage multiple bikes and trackers on the same HOOT app. All information is available on the HOOT mobile app.

No you don’t, because the SIM card is built in. It’s an eSIM, so you can’t change it. It’s an international card already activated, you don’t have to do anything.

You will find on our website the complete list of our partner stores.

It will be updated regularly. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any difficulties in acquiring a HOOT Bike Tracker.

The HOOT Bike Tracker takes the bike position every 10 minutes in normal mode. It’s not designed to track activity but to find your bike, the objective is always to optimise the battery of the tracker. In “Standard” mode, you will have a travel history, but not the route or the miles you have achieved as a bicycle counter might. In “Expert” mode, you will not get any points, the tracker has recognised you and therefore goes to sleep. The HOOT Bike Tracker is equipped with a “Theft” mode that increases the frequency of GPS positions for more accurate detection in the event of theft.

The price of our flagship model in the fork pivot is 279€ TTC.

Don’t hesitate to consult our website, the prices may vary from one country to another and the offers may be different.

The subscription is offered for 1 or 2 years following your offer. At the end of your offer, you are notified by your HOOT mobile app. You can extend your subscription.

After this date, the cost for the national and international SIM card is €3/month or €36 per year with a subscription of 2 years or €39 for 1 year.

Promotional offers will be offered throughout the year.

Find the price details on our website.

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