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Tracker Installation

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Frequently Asked Questions about our Tracker

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Toggle ContentHOOT Bike Tracker has a battery life of several weeks to several months depending on the mode of use chosen. It’s charged with a mini USB port (Powerbank HOOT available), you can also connect it to your computer or mains via a phone charger, max 2A.
It operates in more than 100 countries (international roaming included). It has a GSM network antenna, a GPS antenna to receive satellite signals and a virtual SIM card integrated to communicate with our geolocation servers, it doesn’t need your phone to communicate.

The HOOT Tracker iOS and Android app is free, you need a compatible smartphone to use your tracker.
It’s compatible with an Aluminum or Carbon fork. It comes with a secure mounting key that is modified every 10.000 pieces.

The HOOT Bike Tracker is equipped with a “Fast Track” mode that increases the frequency of GPS positions for more accurate detection in case of theft in order to allow the competent authorities to find your property.

The HOOT Bike Tracker is compatible with electric, muscular, road, urban, mountain bikes with an Aluminum or Carbon fork diameter 1’1/8, with a headset stem. An adapter kit is sold separately for 1 ” 1/4 and 1 ” 1/2 diameter forks. Careful : Not compatible with forks equipped with diver. Adapters will be available for the other fork diameters in early 2021.

The HOOT Bike GPS Tracker is a specific expander designed to fit into the bike’s fork for maximum discretion. Any other location of the tracker in the frame of the bike isn’t guaranteed. It doesn’t alter the structure of the frame under any circumstances.

New products are coming in 2021.

Here you will find all the information on how to handle the plotter and the mounting tools :

– 1 HOOT GPS Bike Tracker

– 1 external battery and its micro USB charging cable

– 1 HOOT cap to protect your tracer

– 1 set of specific clamping tools;

– 1 HOOT sticker

– 1 installation instruction with HOOT Bike Tracer IMEI code

Careful : Make sure to keep the installation manual as it contains the identification code of your HOOT Bike GPS Tracker.

You will find on our website the complete list of our partner stores.

It will be updated regularly. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any difficulties in acquiring a HOOT Bike Tracker.

Our HOOT Bike Trackers are designed to be assembled in a few minutes by a cycle mechanic. All tools are provided as well as instructions and videos in your box. The assembly is quite technical since it touches the direction of your bike which is why we recommend you to have it mounted by a professional or a trained person. Our HOOT Bike Trackers are resold in selected stores, run by professionals who will know how to mount your HOOT Bike Tracker.

Be careful to read the instructions, use the HOOT tools, respect the torque and use thread and grease brakes where necessary. Of course the tracer itself is guaranteed if you mount it by yourself. However, if a problem occurs because you have not tightened the steering you will not be able to turn against your dealer.

The shape of the HOOT Bike Tracker was designed to make it very complicated and very long to disassemble without the HOOT tools provided with the purchase. If someone manipulates your bike to watch how to disassemble the HOOT Bike Tracker, an alert notification will be sent to your smartphone if GSM network coverage allows it.

No they don’t but they are produced in small series, so it will be very complicated for a thief to have all versions. Keep the box and tools safe as your tracker cannot be easily disassembled if you lose them and HOOT will not keep duplicates for security and logistical complexity.

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