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Tracker Functions

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Tracker Installation

How to put it on your bike, find here all that you need to make a perfect installation. More questions? The Help center link is below.

Apps Hoot Tracker

Tracker requires the installation of our Free Apps. Here download it for IoS or Androïd and how to use it.

Frequently Asked Questions about our Tracker

We’ve compiled a list of answers to common questions. Fir the support below you can find the support link, or you can use the chat widget.

– Create your account and then have your 16-digit IMEI number on the back of the package leaflet. You can scan the QrCode of your tracer or enter it manually.

– Choose “Standard” mode or “Expert” mode.

– You can now customise your bike on the HOOT app (name your bike(s), brand, picture, etc).

You will find all the steps inside your box and on our website.

The IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is the unique ID number of your HOOT Bike GPS Tracker. It consists of 16 digits.

You will find it on the back of the installation manual, along with a simplified QR Code for its association on the HOOT mobile app.

The approach is different but in both cases your bike is monitored by default. 

You can find more details in the documentation provided in your box and on the website.

In “Standard” mode you don’t have to do anything. Your bike is always drawn and you find the position points in the history. You receive alerts during a movement. You are free to cut notifications. This mode is very simple. The big difference with the “Expert” mode is that in “Standard” mode you always have the track of your bike, and you will receive notifications even when you use your own bike. If you leave the notifications, when you leave by bike, your phone will beep and a notification will appear on your phone, you will have to answer it otherwise it will beep again 1 minute later. The tracker does its job. You can cut notifications before leaving or once gone with one click.

In “Expert” mode, the energy-saving tracker uses your Bluetooth to find out if the person using the bike is registered as a trusted person. It will not send a notification when you use your bike. It will be on standby and you will not have the track either. Carefully a tracker is useful for theft, use a GPS type Garmin or your phone if you want to have the track of your route. The two functions should not be confused. The goal of a GPS tracker is to be on standby as much as possible to save energy and to be sure that the person who makes it move is a trusted person.

The “Expert” mode is intended for people who ride with Bluetooth enabled and who have a simple use: home/work trips, road training. If, for example, you are going downhill, and the bike is put on the lifts, out of reach of the Bluetooth, then keep the mode “Standard” with notifications cut because in “Expert” mode you will be notified permanently. Same goes for a bike messenger.

The “Theft” mode allows it to have a trace with about 1 position per minute. It’s a fashion that is preferred when you are actively looking for cycling. It consumes more battery so make sure you use it wisely. You can turn it on and off.

If you turn off the “Theft” mode, the bike is always monitored, but an economy mode helps to preserve the battery and increase the battery life.

When you first connect to the HOOT mobile app, you will be redirected to the association page where you can link your HOOT Bike GPS Tracker to your bike. You will be able to enter the tracer name and scan the tracer code QR located on the back of the installation instructions. Possibility of manually retracting it.

When pairing your HOOT tracker, in “Expert” mode you also need to connect your smartphone via Bluetooth with the tracker. To do this, activate Bluetooth in your smartphone settings, then connect to your tracker by entering its PIN code indicated in the “My Bikes” tab of the HOOT mobile app.

In case of movement, if the tracker detects your smartphone, you will not receive a notification because the tracker considers that you are also nearby.

Alerts, depending on your choices in your settings, can be disabled for 1h, 3h or endless. At any time you can change the options in your settings.

The subscription is offered for 1 or 2 years following your offer. At the end of your offer, you are notified by your HOOT mobile app. You can extend your subscription.

After this date, the cost for the national and international SIM card is €3/month or €36 per year with a subscription of 2 years or €39 for 1 year.

Promotional offers will be offered throughout the year.

Find the price details on our website.

This feature will be fully finalised at the end of 2020.

In the meantime, you can have the HOOT mobile app downloaded to the person or persons of your choice by sharing your login and password.

In “Standard” mode, your waveforms will be visible.

In “Expert” mode, you will need to turn off your Bluetooth.

Our goal is to alert you from the first second of an attempt to fly by detection of vibrations and movements. We use an integrated gyroscope and accelerometer for this. A simple vibration can be detected.

You receive the alert in case of theft, don’t intervene and don’t take any risks, contact the competent authorities.

The onboard technology of your HOOT Bike Tracker allows you to send you an alert in seconds whenever your bike is subject to movement and/or vibration.

It is crucial to report the theft to the police as soon as possible by providing the bike information in the HOOT mobile app, “Report a Theft” tab. More details can be found in your package documents.

See also “How to use theft mode”.

Yes you have and we strongly advise you to fill out this information as soon as the HOOT Bike Tracker is installed, on the dedicated space on your mobile application: pic the invoice, pic of your bike, its serial or battery number, the number of the marking, etc.

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