GPS Tracker In'Fork

Discover the new generation of GPS Bike Tracker

Developed in our company, by our people, this GPS Bike Tracker has a movement detector and works internationally. Compatible with any bike or ebike with an headset fork 1″1/8, carbon or alloy.

GSM & GPS antennas

Our engineers developed specific shapes of antennas to get accurate GPS positions and worldwide GSM Network.

Integrated eSIM card

Electronic Card has an embedded eSIM card already activated. Nothing to do, just download the HOOT Free App.

Movement detection

Ultra sensible accelerator and gyroscope detect any movement, the first alert is sent after a few seconds on your phone.

Up to months of battery

Battery is optimized at the maximum, depending on the mode you choose, you will have 1 to 2 months battery.

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2 years of Development to Provide you the Smartest Anti-Theft Functions.

Movement Detector

Hoot Trackers have ultra sensible accelerometer and gyroscope sensors. A Hoot Tracker will detect the smallest theft attempt, movement or vibration.

International GSM & GPS

Hoot Tracker use the GSM Network which is the best coverage, and are workable in more than 100 countries though our partner provider. Detailed coverage in FAQ.

Bike Jacking Detector

Hoot Trackers can recognize a Bike Jacking, meanning if your bike is stolen during your ride, when you are just around but not close enough to prevent a theft, like at coffee break.

Long Battery Life

Hoot Trackers are developed to save any % of battery in order to stand weeks and months. Our engineers are heroes and made the impossible to reach 1 or 2 months life time.

Instant notifications

Through our beautiful app you receive notifications on your smartphone about movement detection, battery alert, everything that you need to secure your bike.

Bike Jacking Detector

Which bike rider are you? daily rider? commuter? road rider? triathlon rider? find the best way to use your tracker. You will forget it, it won't forget to watch your bike.

Free "Hoot Tracker" App

The Hoot Tracker App developped by our own team is dedicated to Bike Tracking. You will be able to accurately track your bike in case of theft. Available for iOs and Android.

Security Tools Provided

Hoot Trackers can only be assembled or secured with specific tools provided. Nothing is unopenable but it gives the run-around and alert is sent at the first vibration.

Multi Authorized Users

Register authorized users so your Hoot Trackers can recognize who is moving the bike and not disturb you. How we can do that? We use bluetooth of their phones. Smart , right?

Complete History and more

App has multiple functions, history by day, positions, multiple bike tracking, GSM or GPS position, bike documents and picture storage, real time location in case of theft , police link...

Autonomous & Quiet

The goal of the Hoot Trackers is not to disturb you with false alerts and to be autonomous. Indeed no action is required, your bike is constantly protected. Just ride, no worries.

Police Link

In case of theft our goal is to reduce the stress and to give you the tools to react as fast as possible. A link for police access is already integrated in the app with your documents.

Purchase HOOT in your favorite shop

Starting at 279€ inc taxes complete set with tools and free Apps.

All trackers include

1 Complete Tracker

Hoot Trackers arrive complete, with antennas, battery, USB, cable, stickers, cover for water resistance..

Tools and Manuals Hoot

Hoot Trackers arrive with tools to assemble it, power bank, manuals... We advise you to install it with a pro.

Sim Card Activated

Don't need to buy a Sim Card, it is already assembled and integrated. We use specific M2M Sim Cards.

Sim Subscription

1 or 2 years of subscription are included in the Hoot Trackers package. Afterwards the cost is 2€ per month.

Video Tutorials

Find FAQ and Support Center on our website with videos, tutorials, documents, everything you need.

Technical Support

Enjoy our Tech Team Support, we do our best to reply you within 24h and will do our best in case you need help.

You have a shop and want to protect your bikes?

Compatible with 90% of Bikes

Millions of bikes compatible, ebike, road bike, mtb, triathlon, cargo bike… protect your bike, now.

Best Tracker delivered with the Best App

A Beautiful & simple App delevelopped by our HOOT Team and compatible with iOs and Androïd.

More questions ?

Hoot Trackers are the smartest dedicated Bike Trackers.