Various different packages to fit all price points.
Start with a trial and upgrade any time.

All core features included

Tracking functions are the same for all our trackers. The differences are the security level, the global weight, and up to 10% of battery life and network efficiency.

Tracking Functions

Tracking functions are exactly the same.

Hoot Tracker Free App

Our Tracking Free App is included.

Customer Support

We'll help you whatever model you have.


Warranty is the same, 2 years for all our models.

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1 year Sim Subscription included
Then 2€ / months



1 year Sim Subscription included
Then 2€ / months



2 years Sim Subscription included
Then 2€ / months
Our approach

Discreet Protection

Our goal is to protect your bike without bother you with manual actions such as manual tracking or surveillance activation, or disturb your day with boring notification. You will forget your tracker but it will be there if something happen, 24/7.

All trackers include

1 Complete Tracker

Hoot Trackers arrive complete, with antennas, battery, USB, cable, stickers, cover for water resistance..

Tools and Manuals

Hoot Trackers arrive with tools to assemble it, power bank, manuals... We advice you to install it with a pro.

Sim Card Activated

Don't need to buy a Sim Car, it is already assembled and integrated. We use specific M2M Sim Card.

Sim Subscription

1 or 2 years of subscription are included in the Hoot Trackers package. Afterwards the cost is 2€ per months.

Video Tutorials

Find FAQ and Support Center on our website with video, tutorials, documents, every thing you need.

Technical Support

Enjoy our Tech Team Support, we do our best to reply you within 24h and will do our best in case you need help.

Trusted by

I'm very proud of the products we created, I would like to help to fight against bike theft which is a world plague, 400.000 stolen bikes per year in France, it is massive.

CEO Hoot Bike

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